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Water leaks and poor ventilation can cause elevated mold levels in your home causing allergic reactions. We offer visual, surface and air quality testing 

When Should You Test For Mold?

  • If you smell a musty odor or see mold
  • after a flood, leak or sewage back up
  • If you or your pet are experiencing allergy - like symptoms 
  • Before you preform mold remediation 
  • If basement, attic, or other areas are damp
  • Before purchasing or selling a home or property, especially if suspect mold was found during a home inspection  


No Conflict of Interest

Alpha Mold Inspectors only preforms mold testing and mold inspections and not mold remediation, our results are unbiased and accurate. We don’t create or overstate mold issues in the hopes of making money on the remediation. New York of several states that has made it illegal to test for and remediate mold on the same job, you must hire two separate companies 


Residential Mold & Air Testing 

While mold spores are a common component of household and workplace dust, abnormally high quantities of mold spores can present a health hazard to humans. Even if not visible to the untrained eye, mold may be present in your home or business and may harm, your health - so if you’re suspecting an issue, you should have mold sampling done in your home. 

Health problems associated with High levels of air borne mold spores include allergic reactions, asthma, irritations of the eye, nose and throat, sinus congestions and other raspatory issues. Residents of homes with mold are at elevated ricks for both respiratory infections and bronchitis. If inhaled, immune- compromised individual, some mold spores may behind to grow on livening tissue and cause further problems, and air quality testing is required to discover whether there’s danger from mold. 


Alpha Mold Testing Procedure Will Include:

  • Assessment of affected areas 
  • Sampling one air sample of the other door area - control sample 
  • Sample each individual suspected area 
  • Submitting the samples to our lab in order to analyze and compare between the control sample and suspected areas samples
  • Detailed lab report and information on your property mold conidiation 


Assessment Report Will Include:

  • A written plan of action or suggested course of action 
  • A diagnosis of the mold source 
  • Laboratory analysis of samples, if needed 



Asbestos fibers are dangerous to your health. Our certified laboratory will knowledgeably assess the samples collected by our specialists to give you accurate results

Asbestos Is Still a Health Concern 

Many countries have banned the use of asbestos outright, but several, including the united states, still allow its use in some products. Asbestos is mostly found in older homes and factories. 


When Should I Test for Asbestos?

You may suspect there is asbestos in your home, but only an asbestos testing company like Alpha mold inspectors knows how to examine materials containing asbestos without the risk of releasing its fibers into the air. If you find yourself in any of the following situations, you should test for asbestos:

  • If you’re buying, selling or renting a condominium, co-op or home built before 1980
  • Before you or your contractor do any renovations on property built before 1980
  • If you have popcorn ceiling that may contain asbestos 
  • Before you or your contactor do any demolition, work property built before 1980